Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP): With PRP

PRP is a concentrate derived from one's own blood and rich in growth factors. When combined with Microneedling, PRP amplifies the treatments effects.

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The Magic of Microneedling

Experience the magic of microneedling, a minimally invasive procedure that creates microscopic channels in the skin, triggering a natural rejuvenation process and promoting the absorption of nourishing serums for a fresher, healthier-looking complexion. It is an effective solution for challenging concerns like scarring, uneven texture and neck bands.

Glow + Go Treatments


Statistic Spotlight


increase in collagen and elastin production.


of patients noticed a decrease in wrinkle size.


reduction in acne scars after just 1 treatment.


Treatment Benefits

5-Star Smooth Satisfction

Authentic Patient Reviews

Nawal A.


My experience with prp treatment was amazing it makes my skin looks smoothy and glowing . Also, it minimizes my wrinkles and reduces my acne scars.

Polly H.


The professionals at Smooth M.D were incredibly knowledgeable and provided valuable skincare advice tailored to my skins needs.

Chelsea C.


I received masseter botox again as well as an eyebrow lift and treatment to my forehead and 11's. I am excited to go back in 3 months!

Harvey G.


I've been coming here for micro-needling with PRP and results have been exciting. I found this place and decided to come here because of the amazing reviews.

Mandy P.


I recently received coolsculpting and Botox at this facility. Both were great experiences. I am happy with both results and will be back!

Yolly D.


I've been coming here for years to get my botox done on my forehead, bunny lines and lip lines and i love it! Friendly atmosphere and good prices!

Shenia B.


They gave me a rundown of how it worked and how long it would take. Nurse Dami was very knowledgeable, and walked me through step-by-step.

John S.


It was my first time trying this type stretch mark reduction treatment. I'm very impressed with the results, so much so I'm planning on coming back.

Devyn M.


My skin is looking better than ever, scarring has cleared up, and so much less discoloration. I highly encourage everyone to try one of their treatments.

Ramon L.


I did micro-needling here and let me tell you, I am ASTONISHED. My skin looked baby smooth, texture drastically improved and my face looked brighter!

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